Fall 2014 Late Registrations

Our normal registration period has passed and the number of teams for the league has been set.  We already have more players registered this season compared to last fall.

We will continue to take late registrations, with a late fee, until either the teams reach maximum capacity or until we submit insurance/shirt order information.  If you missed the registrations and are interested in signing up the form can be downloaded here:

 Then mailed into our PO Box listed on the bottom of the form.


Fall 2014 Registration

If you missed our in-person registration events June 7th and 14th there is still time to register for the fall season. The registration can be mailed into our PO Box listed on the bottom of the form. Registrations postmarked after July 15th will be assessed a late fee.

Spring 2014 – June 9th through June 13th Game Schedule

Tuesday June 10th
5:30 PM Bilheimer Ehlberg (Morgan Ref)
5:30 PM Neal Timchak Make-up Game from 5/31/2014
Wednesday June 11th
5:30 PM Randall Timchak Make-up Game from 6/07/2014 (Fiona)
5:15 PM Byra DeNicola 6/14/2014 game Rescheduled
Friday June 13th
5:30 PM Anjum Hill June 7th Make-up Game
Date TBD
??? Neal Cheevers Make-up game from 6/7/2014

Spring 2014 Game Schedule Weeks of June 2nd through June 13th

There were many games rescheduled from this coming Saturday due to the Hardyston 5k 3 hour game delay. Below is the current game information as of 6/7/2014 5pm.

Wednesday June 4th
5:00 PM Roberts Spindler June 7th Make-up Game (Brett’s Daughter Reffing)
5:30 PM Van Ginneken Brown June 7th Make-up Game (Nicole Ref)
5:30 PM Gunderman DeNicola June 7th Make-up Game
Saturday June 7th
12:15 PM Eberly Collins
1:45 PM Abbott Byra
2:30 PM Romeo Lomoriello
12:30 PM McCallum Munoz
12:00 PM Falk Cummings
12:00 PM Reyes Voigtlander
Tuesday June 10th
5:30 PM Bilheimer Ehlberg (Morgan Ref)
5:30 PM Neal Timchak Make-up Game from 5/31/2014
Friday June 13th
5:30 PM Anjum Hill June 7th Make-up Game
Date TBD
??? Neal Cheevers Make-up game from 6/7/2014
??? Timchak Randall Make-up game from 6/7/2014

Fall 2014 Signups

We are now accepting sign-ups for our fall 2014 soccer season.  We will be having In-person registrations June 7th 2-4pm and June 14th 12-2pm  in the Wheatsworth Pavilion in Hardyston.  Normal registrations close July 14th, so avoid late fees after then by signing up now.


2014 Spring Season Opener

Our soccer season starts this Saturday!  League Schedule can be viewed on the schedule link on the home page.

Few things of note for this Saturday.  There are currently 2 games which are cancelled/rescheduled in the intermediate division.  Randall/Timchak has been rescheduled to next Tuesday at 5:30, Falk/Cummings has not been scheduled yet check with your coach for a date.

The weather is expected to be potentially wet and cold. (10-20% chance of rain during our game times  and 40-50 degrees currently predicted)   Please have your children dress appropriately.

Pictures Next Week:

Pictures are scheduled for next week, May 3rd starting at 8am, please see the schedule for your teams scheduled time.  If you are unable to make the pictures but wish to have individual pictures taken, the photographers will be back on the following weekend the 10th for make-ups.  The time for that day has yet to be determined.


FootGolf Fundraiser:

Our FootGolf fundraiser is in full swing and we are looking for players to fill the course.  We are limited to the number of foursomes that are available so sign up quickly before the spots fill.  View our Footgolf Flyer here:


Town 5K:

Hardyston is looking for Volunteers to help run their 3rd Annual Hardyston Township & Guardians of the Ribbon 5K Charity Race.  They are looking for volunteers to help at the water station and help work the finish line.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will forward your information to the town recreation department.


Have a great weekend and see you on the field!



Spring 2014 – Season Starts Soon!

We are closing in on the time where we get out on the fields for our Spring Soccer season. Most coaches have contacted the players but there are still a few who will be making contact this coming week and next.


Are set to begin on April 14th. (Weather permitting).


Our Game Schedule has been posted here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Aut2v6Y9rqv2dGxVV1FadVVPLTM4RzI3ekdTbzhKVWc&single=true&gid=0&output=html

Note the 3 hour delay on June 7th due to the Hardyston 5k run.  Game schedule for the 14th will be posted soon.


Pictures are on Saturday May 3rd, schedule is posted below. Everyone player will be getting a team picture regardless as to whether they ordered a picture package or not so please make sure that your child is in attendance. Pictures are expected to be distributed with trophies after our last games on June 14th.
Our team picture schedule is posted here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HWB-t4IP98Hg3V8fph8FgTOGc28DLmjqQ90YEH54GwQ/pubhtml

FootGolf Fundraiser Meeting:

We are meeting Friday April 11th at 6:30pm in the Littell Community Center Cafe. If you would like to volunteer to help out please attend. We are raising funds for 4 new permanent goals for our PreK group to be donated to Hardyston Recreation.

Spring 2014 – Hardyston Pageant, Hardyston 5k Run, Red Bulls Soccer Group Outing

While we wait for the fields to dry, I’d like to make a few public service annoucements.

 Annual Hardyston Pageants
Friday, May 16, 2014
7:00 pm
Miss Hardyston – Ages 17-21
Jr. Miss Hardyston – Ages 8-16
Little Miss Hardyston – Ages 4-7
Little Mister Hardyston – Ages 4-7
Pageants will be held at the
Hardyston Township Municipal Building
149 Wheatsworth Road
Applications are available at the Littell Community Center, Hardyston Township Municipal Building & www.hardyston.com
Completed applications must be received by May 2, 2014
For additional information please call 973-827-9734

3rd Annual Hardyston Township & Guardians of the Ribbon 5K Charity Race -

Saturday, June 7th.
The Township will partner with the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the Guardians of the Ribbon for the 3rd Annual 5K Charity Run. Funds raised from the event are earmarked specifically for families within the Hardyston community who may be experiencing difficulty as a result of the disease’s impact on their financial condition.

If you’d like to sponsor or participate, please visit www.hardyston.com for the forms.

RedBulls Soccer Outing:
The Wallkill Valley Soccer Club will being running a group outing to see the Red Bulls play Chicago Fire on May 10th.
Tickets are $25.00 per seat –transportation is not included. If you care to go please just mail me your name, number of tickets, a check made to James Jimenez for total seats.  there is no limit to how many you want.  I would need your payment back by April 20th
James Jimenez/Red Bulls
39 Beardslee Hill Drive
Ogdensburg Nj 07439
For information regarding this outing please contact:

jimenez2047 @ hotmail . com

 If you want to sit with someone let me know or send your info in together . Thanks

Spring 2014 – Updates

The turnout this year for our league has been tremendous.  We’ve added 6 more teams and currently have  almost 80 more players compared to last season.  All of our team selections/distributions are complete, shirts are ordered,  and registrations are now closed.

I look forward to another fun and exciting season of watching our children play!


  • First games are expected to be on Saturday April 26th, schedule will be posted soon.
  • Pictures are Saturday May 3rd.
  • Last Games/Tournament will be on June 14th

General Changes

Game start times have been adjusted over previous seasons to try to spread out the parking lot comings and goings to attempt to make parking at both Wheatsworth and Hamburg Fields a little better.

PreK / Beginner Changes

In our PreK Division, the teams will play 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 split on 2 fields.  We’ve tried this the past 2 seasons but the referees will be enforcing a max of 5v5 this season.  We will also be holding a fund raiser in May to raise funds for 2 pairs of permanent goals for this group.

K-2 / Junior Changes

In our junior level (K-2) we will be playing 10v10 (9v9 with a goalie).  After some discussion between the coaches we’ve all agreed that these numbers will work with our current team sizes.

3rd-4th / Intermediate Changes

In the Intermediate Level, we will also play short sided, but we are still working out the details.  It will likely be either 8v8 or 9v9.  This group has grown from 4 to 6 full teams this season so there will be increased diversity in opponents.  There will be 3 different start time for games starting at 9am with the last game starting at 12pm.

5th-8th / Senior Changes

This group has grown from 2 to 4 full teams this season so there will be 2 different game times one at 9am and one at 11am.


See you all on the fields soon!