Make-up games

Make-up Games

Our makeup games for this past weekend are currently scheduled for November 1st unless your coaches make other arrangements.  The tournament/trophy/picture distribution is still scheduled for Saturday October 25th

Spring Registrations are now open.

Registrations for our spring season are now open.  The season is expected to run from the middle of April (weather permitting) through the middle of June.

Age groupings are expected to change starting Fall 2015

We are planning on reorganizing the age groups in our league starting Fall 2015.  With our player numbers up and our ability to support multiple teams at our older age groups being consistent we are shrinking the age/skill gap in our K-2 and 5th-8th grade groups.  The expected groupings are:

PreK, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, & 6-8

There will likely be a few rules changes for K-1 and 2-3 but those details will be worked out prior to the season.



Fall 2014 Season is here!

Fall registrations are closed.

The fall season is about to start and the league has grown once again. We have 70+ more players and a few additional teams compared to last fall. At this time we can no longer accept late registrations for almost all divisions as the teams are full and larger than we’d like. Knowing that we are going to need to add 4-6 more teams for the spring to shrink the team sizes we are already looking for volunteers to coach that season. If you would like to volunteer please let us know.

Modell’s Coupon

Practices start next week, you can use the attached coupon to save on your equipment purchases at Modell’s.

Coach Requests

Reminder: Coaching Requests are not guaranteed. There were a few coaches with many more requests for their team than we had roster positions and I’ve already received a few emails/notes over the past week regarding this. The leagues position is to not change teams after the team selections happen with the coaches.

CPR Certifications

I’d like to thank the handful of coaches who attended our CPR certification course. We now should have a few coaches/referees who are certified throughout the fields on game day.


Pictures are scheduled for September 20th, a picture day schedule for teams will be provided in the next few weeks. Like previous seasons all players will get a free team picture regardless of whether they purchase a package from the company or not.

Game Schedules:

Game and Tournament Schedules for this season are posted on the right hand menu of our website.

Fall 2014 Late Registrations

Our normal registration period has passed and the number of teams for the league has been set.  We already have more players registered this season compared to last fall.

We will continue to take late registrations, with a late fee, until either the teams reach maximum capacity or until we submit insurance/shirt order information.  If you missed the registrations and are interested in signing up the form can be downloaded here:

 Then mailed into our PO Box listed on the bottom of the form.


Fall 2014 Registration

If you missed our in-person registration events June 7th and 14th there is still time to register for the fall season. The registration can be mailed into our PO Box listed on the bottom of the form. Registrations postmarked after July 15th will be assessed a late fee.

Spring 2014 Game Schedule Weeks of June 2nd through June 13th

There were many games rescheduled from this coming Saturday due to the Hardyston 5k 3 hour game delay. Below is the current game information as of 6/7/2014 5pm.

Wednesday June 4th
5:00 PM Roberts Spindler June 7th Make-up Game (Brett’s Daughter Reffing)
5:30 PM Van Ginneken Brown June 7th Make-up Game (Nicole Ref)
5:30 PM Gunderman DeNicola June 7th Make-up Game
Saturday June 7th
12:15 PM Eberly Collins
1:45 PM Abbott Byra
2:30 PM Romeo Lomoriello
12:30 PM McCallum Munoz
12:00 PM Falk Cummings
12:00 PM Reyes Voigtlander
Tuesday June 10th
5:30 PM Bilheimer Ehlberg (Morgan Ref)
5:30 PM Neal Timchak Make-up Game from 5/31/2014
Friday June 13th
5:30 PM Anjum Hill June 7th Make-up Game
Date TBD
??? Neal Cheevers Make-up game from 6/7/2014
??? Timchak Randall Make-up game from 6/7/2014